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(d)(b)(h) (VxPxC) /h/t/a/ +DOG+ $3.33 $low 100% Breakfast 1019 Records 156 16BitchPileUp 1nterface 24/7 Tapes 3BS 3BS Records 45s on 33 555 72826 Productions 777 8MM 905 Tapes a disease called man A Full Cosmic Sound A Giant Fern A Handful of Dust A Magic Whistle A Primitive and Savage Land A Snake In The Gardem AA Records aaron dilloway Aaron Rosenblum Aaron Troyer Aaron Zarzutzki Aarum Abandon Ship Records Abhorrent AD Aborted Society Records Abrade Abuela Acid Casualty Productions Acre Actuary Adam Void Adderall Canyonly Aderlating adhd lofi aen records Aetheric African Ghost Valley After After After after the prophecy Afterlife AG Davis agents of chaos aghori Ah God Air Conditioning AJilvsga AK’CHAMEL THE GIVER OF ILLNESS Al Marantz AL Qaeda Albert's Basement Alchemist Records Alcohol Party Alessandro Bosetti Alex Hampshire alex homan Alexandre Navarro Ali Helnwein Alien Passenger Alistair Crosbie all blood All Hell All Tens Music Allele Allen Pyle Allergic To Jerks Alligator Indian Almost Halloween Time Records Alosi Den Already Dead Tapes Altar Of Flies Altered Gee Altered States Tapes Alto Jeffro Alvarius B AMALGAMATED Amateur Depression Ambergris Ambiguous Cube Amek American Dust AMOK Amulets Anakrid ANDO LAJ andre foisy Andrea Stroud Andreas Brandal Andrew Coltrane Andrew Jellison Andrew Kirschner Andrew Martin Andrew Scott Young Andrew Weathers Andrew Zukerman Andy Matter angel dust angel eyes angel olsen Angela Sawyer angelo harmsworth Angels In America Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase Animal Disguise Animal Image Search Anni Rossi Annie Shaw Anonymous Dog Anthony Ford Anthro Rex ANTi Antiquated Future Antiquated Society antique brothers Antique Pony Antler Piss anybody but the cops Apothecary Compositions Apple Snails April in the Orange Arabian blade Arbor argumentix Ariel Pink Arklight arnau sala Art Abscons Artetetra Arvo Zylo Ascetic House Ashley Paul Asian Woman on the telephone Astro ASTROKADE AT At Jennie Ritchie ATOP Aubjects auralgami sounds Ausaca Autumn Records Auxiliary Priest AVERY GABBIANO Avocados Axolotl Ayurvedic Tapes Babelfishh Babes In Arms Records BABY ALCHEMY Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk Bacteria Field Bad Braids Baka Yaro Baked Tapes Balder baldy longhair Banana Pill Bang! Bros Bánh Mì Verlag Bank Of Christ Barf Records Barfing Dagger Recordings) Barhus Bark Haze Barn Owl Barnacle Rodeo baronic wall BARY CENTER Basement Tapes Basketball shorts Basmati Bastian Void Bathaus bathetic tapes BBDDM BBjr Be My Friend in Exile Beach Dawgz Beachniks Beamhole Bean Snack Bearded Astronaut Beautiful Music CDs Beauty Supply Records bebe fang Become Eternal Beef Belarisk Belaten Belltonesuicide below pdx Ben Baker Billington Ben Morris Ben Owen BEN Q. BEST BEN VARIAN Bengeorge7 Benjamin Franklin Bent Spoon Duo Berber Ox Bermuda Triangles Bestovich Bezirk Tapes Bezoar Formations Bicephalic Records big bill Big Blood Big Kids Big Monies Tapes big nurse Big Sigh And Bad Dream Vacuum Big Sleep Records Bill Doob Bill Murray Tapes Bill Nace Bill Orcutt Billy Gomberg Bird Costumes Bird Names Birds Of Delay birthdays Bitter Fictions BJÖRN ERIKKSON Black Cum Black Hat Black Horizons Black Kaspar Black Magic Family Band Black Santa Black Vatican Black William blackest ever black Blackest Rainbow Blake Mandrayk blanche blanche blanche Blank Dogs Blank Realm Blank Thomas Blastbeats For Freedom Bleeding Gold Records Blight Records Blind Tigers Blindfolder Blodsprut Blood Bright Star Blood Lake BLOOD OCEAN Blood Stereo blood wing Bloodwall BLOSSOMING MUMS Blown Doors Blsphm Blue Eight Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Blue Shift Blue Tapes Blues Control BLUES PATROL BOB CORN Bobagemma Bobby Peru BOC Sound Labs Body Collector Body Glove Bombay Harambee Bomber Jackets Bonbon Bruises Bonding Tapes bone rattle Bone Tooth Horn Bonecloud Bonescraper Recordings bonus beast Bored Tapes borft Boring People boron Borrowed Beams of Light BORZI Boston boutique electronics Box Fuss Recordings Boys from Brazil Bozmo Braeyden Jae Brain Plan Records Brave Mysteries Brave Radar Bread And Animals Breaking World Records Breathe Plastic Records Breatherholes Breathmint BRET SCHNEIDER Bri White Brian Clark Miller Brian Green BRIAN OSBORNE BRICKLAYERS FOUNDATION Brideburger Brise-Cul Records Brizbomb Broad Beauty Tapes Broken Hip Records Broken Key Broken Machine Films Broken Shoulder broken water Bromp Treb Brown Interior Music BRUCE HART Brunche Groupe BRUNDLEFLY AND THE SWEDE BrutalSFX Brutum Fulmen Bryan Gillig Buck Gooter Buckets of Bile Buddies Budweiser Sprite Buffalo Tapes Buffle BUFU Bunrage Burger Records Buried Valley Burnt Hills Byron Coley C-Section 8 C. Spencer Yeh C.F. Cabin Floor Esoterica caboladies Cae-Sur-A Caen Caethua Cakedog Caligulan Callado Calling The Sky People Callow God CamperVanBeethoven CamperVanChadbourne Canada Goose Tapes cankun Canopic Lidz cant Captcha Records Car Door Effect Car Phyte Carcinogenic Static Carnival CARING BABIES Caroliner carpi records carrageenan Cartoon Carve Color cascaders Cash Nexus cassette Cathartic Process Catholic Tapes Caution (Comma) Lemmy Cave Bears Cave Recordings Cavelife Caves Celer Cellophane Spill CENTAUR NOIR Centers For Disease Control Century Plants cgi friday Chandails Changeling Channelers Chaos Majik Chaotic Noise Charlatan Charles Balls Charlie Charlie Draheim Charlie McAlister Cheap Meat Cher Von Cherried Out Merch Chicago Jim Chihei Hatakeyama Chik White Child Pornography Chocolate Monk chondritic sound chris cooper Chris Corsano Chris Murray Chris Riggs Chris Weisman Christian Filardo Christian Pop Records Christina Carter Christwrong Chrs Galaretta Chthonic Records Chuck Johnson Churchburners CINCHEL Cinder Cone Circuit Wound Civil Union CJA Climax Denial Closet Sorcery Cloud Becomes Your Hand Cloud Michael Cloud Valley Cloudsound cnp record Cobra Bubbles COCKAMAMIE Cocks Of The Dead Cogs and Sprockets Coin Locker Kid cold milk Cole Miller Colin Langenus Collapsed Arc Colored Mushroom And The Medicine Rocks Colorguard Colossal Tapes Colossus Colour Buk Comfort Link COMMANDER KEEN CommodeMinstrels Community College Computer Syndrome Concord Ballet Orchestra Players Concrete Sound System Conrad Scnitzler Constellation Tatsu Container Contortionist Jazz Exotica Control Force Cookie Brooklyn Cookies N' Cream Copacetic Comics coppertone Corespondents CORNER CORONAH Cosmic Relief cough cool Counterfeit Blanks Country Florist COW Cowboy Band Coyote Slingshot Cracker Crank Sturgeon Craow Crash Symbols crazy and the brains Crazy Greeks On fire Crazy Iris Records Creature From Dell Pond Creature King Creaturos Cremator CrO2 crooked necks crow quill records Crown Larks Crown Now Crudites Tapes Crusie Whisp Crustaces cruudeuces Cruz Somers crying in dreams Cryptosystem I CRYPTOSYSTEM II Cthulu Detonator CTS14 Cube Cubicle Culture Dealer CUMBRES CARRASCOSA. Racecar Productions Curly Cassettes Curt Oren Curved Dog CVLTS Cygnus Cylindrical Habitat Modules Cyque-Sage D Burke Mahoney D. BURKE MAHONE d//vv/d D/A A/D Daddy Issues Dagir Du Dain Daller Dakota Bones Daleth Damion Romero Dan Lurie Dan Olsen DAN PECK Dan Soto Dang Olsen Dream Tape Daniel Bachman Daniel Fromberg Daniel Higgs Daniel Spicer DANIEL VINCENT and ATAY ILGUN Danny Bissette Danny Lango Daren Ho Darkwing DAS DING Datavis Dauw Dave Gross Dave Jones Dave Phillips Dave Smolen Daveed Diggs David B Greenberg david decorate David Kenneth Nance David Newlyn David Norbery David Reed David Russell David Warren DavidLowery Day Creep DD Dobson Dead Channel Dead Neighbors Dead People Dead Stare Records Deadly Vipers Deathbomb Arc Deathcount in Silicone Valley Decades/Failures Deception Island Decoherence Records Deep Cuts Deep Fried Tapes Deep Jew Deerstalker Dehef Deleuzer DEMEURE & JARDIN Demian Johnston Demonologists Dense Reduction Dept Tapes Der Einzige Desert Home Recordings Designer DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA Detainee Detroit Improvisation DHF Dhoom diagram a Diamond Guts Diamond Lemonade diamond terrifier Diamondhead Diane Plains Dianoga DiatricPuds Dick Lickerer Die Reihe Different Lands Digitalis Dim Records Dinner Music dirty beaches Dirty Pillows Discotheque Records Discrepant Disism Dismal DISMAL LIGHT Dismal Niche Tapes Dismantle Records Disseriph distractions DJ Ding Susi DJ Roswell DJ Thumper Djrona DNT Dog Hallucination Dogbreth Dok V Dokuro Doldis dolores boys Dolphin Tears dolphins into the future Dominic Pierce don cash Don't Trust The Ruin Door Dorcas Morton DOT Doubting Thomas Cruise Control dove Dr. Evilletown Dr. Something Dragons Dragontime Drawing Room Records Dream Tape dreamhouse dreamtime taped sounds DREYT NIEN Drid Machine Records Driphouse Drugged Conscience Records Druids Of Huge Dry Summers DS Miller Dub Ditch Picnic Dub Sum Duck You Sucker Ducktails dull tools Dunno Kiddo dylan ettinger Dynamo Sound Collective dz tapes Eager Mother Tapes Eagle Chalice Earn Earth Heart Earth Space Noise Research Labs Earth/Vessel Earthbound Records Earthen Sea Earthmasters easyboy Eclipser Ecstatic Peace Ed Askew Edible Onion Edith Bunker's Demonized Vomit Insurance Editorials EDWARD KA-SPEL Egg Eggs Egghunt Records Eggy Records Egon Gone Ehse Records Eidetic Seeing Eidetic Sight Records Eilean Ekhein eklin el tule Electric Blanket Electric Kite Records electronic Electrophonic Ghost Elephant Kiss Eli Keszler Elixir Elm recordings EMA Emaciator emeralds Emesis Emil Beaulieau Emilie Mouchous Endless Caverns enema syringe Ensemble Exonomique Enterruption Entertainment Systems Ephem-Aural Epic Sweep Records Eric Gage Erika Anderson ERNIE COOMBS ERR REC ESR Estrogen Highs Ethereal Mother Tapes Ettrick EugeneChadbourne Evan A. James Evan Miller Eviction Records ewe of now records Exabyss Records Excitebike existentia cicada Existential Cloth experimental Expo 70 Exquisite Morbidity Extended Release Plastics Extreme Misanthropy Crew Extreme Ultimate Extremophile Eye Seas Eyes Fabrica Records Factums Fains Faint Glow Fall Break Records Falls of Rauros Falsetto Boy Family Fancy Books Fancy Lad Fantasierock Fantastic Sleep Fast Deadboy Fat History Month Fat Worm of Error Father Murphy Faulkner Tapes Faux Pas Recordings favors Faxed Head Fear Konstruktor Feathered Coyote Records featureless ghost February 14th Feeble Minds Feeding Tube Records Feel This Femminielli field hymns Field Medic Fieldmaster Fifth Alliance FIGURAE Filth Filthy Huns financial ruin records Fire Retarded Fish Breath FISHERS Fitness Five Spoken by the Buffalo Fixture Records Flaming Biscuit Flamingo Creatures Flea Apparitions Fleabag Fleeting Youth Records Fletcher Pratt Flish Records florida Floris Van Hoof Flower Orgy Fluere Tapes FLUT FMLY FMSMPRC Fogged Records folktale records Folktales Records Footprints FOR NOT Forced into Femininity Forest Management Forgotten Light Form A Log Former Selves Fossils fossils from the sun Fossils in the Sun Foton Found Tapes FPRF Fragment Factory Frank Hurricane Freddy The Dyke Free Music Free Pizza Free Weed friends and relatives records Friends Records friendship bracelet Friendship Tapes From Kettles To Cloaks Frothy Shakes Frozen Corpse Frske Fuck It Tapes Full Crumb Full Wave Rectifier Labs Fundog Productions Fungal Abyss Funny/Not Funny Records FURNITEUR Furniture Huschle Furrow FUSILLER Fussy Fucker Tapes FUTEISHA future push Future Shuttle Future Storms Fuzzhouse FWY! FYOELK G.G. Allin GAD WHIPS Galactic Zoo Disk Gallows Gang Nails Gangbang Gordon gareth hardwick Garm Garment District Gastric Female Reflex Gastric Lavage Gaute Granli Gay Shapes Gaze Geb the great cackler Geist and the Sacred Ensemble Gel Gel Nails Gelatin Kids gem jones Genesis P-Orridge Geographic North Geology Tape Gerendas german army Geweih Ritual Gezoleen Ghedalia Tazartes Ghetto Naturalist Series Ghoir Ghost Moth Ghost Of Obtuse Ghostandthesong GHQ Giant Claw Gilded Throne Gilgongo Girlfriend Records gitche-anahne-bezheu GIULIO ALDINUCCI Givan Lotz Glad Animal Movements Glade Swope Gleauxing Records Globsters Glochids Gmackrr Gnar Tapes Gnarled Forest Gnomeadze Gnoomes Goat Goaty Tapes God Walk God Willing God's Creatures Records Gokkun Gold Leather Golden Arrow Holy Face Golden Cloud Tapes Golden Cup Golden Hours Goldust Goliath Bird Eater Gonzo and Lowdjo good amount Good God Energy Chronicles Good Willsmith Goodall Tapes Gordon Ashworth Gowns Grabbing Clouds Records Grady Runyon Graham Repulski Grand Imperial Record Co. Granitkorridor Granny Frost Grapefruit Grass Widow Grasshopper Grateful Dead Gravesend Recordings great slave lake Great Valley Green and Glass green tape records Greentape Gregg Turkington grem Grey Skull Greyghost Grief Athletes Grimeology Records Gripvest & Kling Griz+zlor Gruiformes Gryn Brvs GSVA Guardian Alien Gubbey Records Guerilla Toss Guide To Bizarre Behavior Guilded Throne Recordings Gulliver Gullwing Gut Nose Gutter Loon Records GX Jupitter-Larsen GYM gypsy treasures H TAKAHASHI Hacktivism Records Hadals Haints Hair Del Records Hair Growth Hair_Loss Hakobune Hal McGee Halfshell Records Hallowed Bells Halves and Thirds Hammer Of Hathor Hand Me Down Satellites Hand to Mouth Tapes handmade birds Hanged Man hanging coffins hanson records Hanz Bronze Haord Records Happy Jawbone Family Band hard body sounds Hard Disks Hard Drugs Hardlycore Hare Akedod Harford and Reckford) Harmony Molina Harps Harry Merry harsh noise Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes Harshcore Hartley C. White Hatchers Hate State Hatred Haunted Castle Haunted Creatures haunted houses Hausu Mountain Haute Magie Have A Wonderful Day Head Dress Head Molt Headway Recordings Health Problems hear hums Hearing Aid Hearted Hand Heat Retention Records Heatsick heaven and earth magic Heavy Baby Sea Slugs Heavy Breathing Heavy Mess Heavy Nature Tapes Heavy Psych Recordings Heck Yeah Hegemonicide HEHFU Heilo En Varsovia Hel Audio Helen Scarsdale Agency Hell and Bunny Hem & Lock Tapes hepatitis youth Herbcraft Heroin in Tahiti Hex Breaker Quartet Hex Breaker Quintet Hexagon Recordings Hey Exit Hidden Fortress Tapes Hidden Temple Tapes Hideous Uno Higgins high density headache High Ledges Tapes High Light high wolf hikikomori Himbert and Herbert Hissing Frames Hitty Titty Hive Mind HMDS HMS HNW HO99O9 Hobocult Records Hogra Hoko Hollowfonts Holy Cheever Church Holy Hills Holy Infinite Freedom Revival holy page Holy Sheet holy strays homebrew electronics Homhomhom Hooker Vision Hoops Horaflora Horse Boys Horse Hair horse head Horse Spirit Penetrates Horse Thieves Hosehead Records Hospital Productions hostage pageant Hot Air Balloon Ride Hot and Cold Hot and Ready hot face Hot Releases Hott Tubb Housecraft Hubble hubble linger HUI Human Adult Band Human Conduct Hun Bed Hung Like A Horse Hunnie Bunnies Hunted Creatures Hurricanes of Love husere grav Hush Arbors Husher Husk Records Husoptagelser Hyena Hylé Tapes Hylidae Hyster Tapes I Absentee I Cum Drums I Had An Accident Records I Just Live Here I want to kill every human I'm an asshole I've Been Franklin Ian M Fraser Iasos Iatrogenesis Ice Ichtyor Tides Id M Theft Able Idea Fire Company Ides of Gemini Idiot Forever Idiot Heathens Idle Hour Club Idol Eyes IF IT AIN’T BREAKFAST DON’T FIX IT IGM Ignatz Ihaa iji Illuminated Paths ILth Zongz Im Drinkin This Tapes Images Imminent Destruction Records Imminent Frequencies impose cassette series Impossible colors Impulsive Hearts In Heat Inca Ore Indek Indiana Individual Lines INDUSTRIAL HYDROPHOBIA Inferior Design Infinity Cat Infinity People Injections Ltd. Inner Exo Inner Islands Inner Richmond Recording Company Inspector 22 Insufferable Sound Insula Music interior ministry INTERNATIONAL SURREALIST BULLETIN Interview Invisible Path Ionic Order Records irfp isolated now waves Israeli Intelligence it is rain in my face Ithi ix vi iv Ixtab J Fernandez J Power J. Zagers J.D. Emmanuel Jaap Blonk Jack and Yoda Jack Callahan jack gilbert Jack Wright Jacob Smigel JACQUES LE COQUE Jagjaguwar Jah Connery Jake Blanchard James Fella Jamison Williams Janek Schaefer Japanese Breakfast Jared Fairfield Jason Crumer jason lescalleet Jason Martin Jason Millard Jason Zeh Jawsmoke Jay-Z JCSA Jean-Paul Garnier Jeff Beam Jeff Rehnlund Jeff Witscher Jefferson Zurna Jehu & Chinaman Jehu and Chinaman Jeremy Latch JEREMY YOUNG Jerk Jerry Binkele jessica rylan JESUS IS ANGRY AND THE FEMALES OF DOUBTFUL REPUTATION jewels of the nile Jimmie Packard JJAAXXNN JK Tapes JMC Aggregate Jo Kusy JOBS & MONEY Joe Kile JOE McPHEE John Brennan and Anne-FJacques John Elliott John Sandia John Thill John Wiese John Zuma St. Pelvyn Jon Erikson Jon Muekker Jonathan James Carr Jonathan Sibha JONNY MANAK & THE DEPRESSIVES Jorge Arana Trio Josh Lay Josh McAbee Josh Medina Josh Milrod JOSHUA CARRO JQ JSCA Jugular Forest JUJU Julia Dream Recordings Julie Byrne JUNG BULLS Junior Pande Juniper Rising Juniper Tree Songs Junk Sick Just Handshakes Justin Clifford Rhody Justin Scott Grey K I Kai Kal Marks kalamazoo Kaleidoscope Death Kalou Kaos Kontrol Karamazov Recordings Karla Borecky Karnak Temples Kartoga Works kassette klub Kassette Kult Katchmare KEIKI Keith Fullerton Whitman Kelly Churko ken seeno Kenneth John Gilmore Kerchow Kevin Drumm Kevin Shields Ki Oni KID MILLIONS Kid Wizard KIKS Kill West Killer Bob King Darves King Pizza Records King Tut's Tomb Kingtone Kinit Her Kirk Van Houten Kirschstein Kisser Kitchen Dweller Records Kites Kitschy Manitou Records Kkidss Klangberg Knifight Knight Rider Knights Templar Knit Prism Knoll Know Your History Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer Kosmonaut Kraken Fury Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Kristian Garrard KURVI TASCH Kye Records L'animaux Tryst L'INCORONAZIONE L’EOSCOMBU COUTI LA FORÊT ROUGE La Station Radar Lab Coast LACK Ladderwoe Lair Records Laissez Faire Lake Mary LAN Land of Decay Lantern Lantvrn Lap Babies Larry Wish Laser Nun lassie Last Eyes Last Nights Records Lateral Hyetography Laughable Recordings LAUHKEAT LAMPAAT Laura Warholic lava church Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross Lazer Zeppelin Lazy Magnet Le Harmacy le horror LEAAVES lead sisters Leap Frog Leaving Records lee noble Lee Ranaldo Leedian Left Behinds Lefterna Leftist Nautical Antiques LEITMOTIV LIMBO Lenhart Tapes Leonard Charles Leopard Shepherd Lewis & Clarke life on loop Life Partner Lighten Up Sounds Lightning Bolt Lilac Lili Coffee Shop Lillerne Tapes Lilypad Limbs Bin Limpe Fuchs Linda Smith Liquid Skuls Little Bear Little Miracles Little Spoon Lituus Live God Records Living Tapes LIzAllbee lo-fi Lockbox Locrian Log Cabin Records Loin Seepage Long Distance Poison Longlongchaney Loopool Loosers Lord Bird Lost and Found Sound Lost Sound Tapes Loudville Lougow Love Earth Music Love Letters lovebird lovebrrd Low Charge luke perry LUMEET Luminous Kudler Lunar Miasma Lungbasket Luscious Skin LUXURT ELITE LX Sweat Lyrthas m ax noi mach MACAULAY COBAIN Macho Blush Macon Noise Presents Macula Dog Madrugapha Magi Magik Crowbar Tapes Magnetic South Records Majeure Majic Eyes Major Blast majuere MALINGERER Malportado Kids Mammal Mancat Records Mandarin Clit Mangdisc Mankid Marble Sky Mark Bradley Mark Lord MARKARIA RHO markus schwill Marrow Streep Mars Marshall Art MASON MERCER Mass Control Massdist Master Class Masters Chemical Society Math matrix metals Matt Collins Matt Endahl Matt Himes Matthew Akers Matthew Barlow Matthew Dotson MATTHEW SQUIRES & THE LEARNING DISORDERS Matthew Thurber Mattress Maxi Ding-Dong & the Wee Wees Maximum Pelt Records MB MBB Meager Sunlight Means Well meat mist Med Hammer Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Medusa Crush Recordings Mef Teef Megabats MELAMPUS Meliphonic Records memory pavillion Meneguar messy sparkles Metaphysical Circuits Metatag Metatron's Cube Meudiademorte michaekl johnsen MICHAEL HENNING Michael Saunders Micromelancolie Midday Veil Middle James Co. Midnight Mines Midnight Moon Tapes Midori Migrations In Rust Mike Bruno Mike Khoury Mike Tamburo Mikie Poland Mild Manners Miles Pflazn Milk People Millions Mincemeat or Tenspeed Mind Cure Records Mind Dynamics Minimal Impact Noise Miracle Johan mirror killer Mirror Tapes mise_en_scene Mist Mister Fuckhead mitchell saulsberry Mitchum mjmj records Mmdelai MOCK ORDER MOD EXIST MODERN CONVENIENCE Modern Hoax Modern King MOFODiSHU Moin Mold Omen Mole Hole Mole People Momohaus Monol!th Monorail Trespassing Monsturo Monte Burrows Monterey Babe Aquarium Mood Music MOOMAW Moon Glyph Moon Jelly Moon Machination Moon Mist MOON RA Mooninite MOONLETS Moonmilk Moonrises Morbid Rainbow more records Morgue Toad Mork AiA Morning * morse morte MORTUUS AURIS & THE BLACK HAND Moscow Moscow Mule Moss Archive Mossy Throats Moth Cock Mothcock Mothers News MSHR MT Coast MT5 Tapes Mulch Multinerango Sun Mumzees Muntjac Mutant Glamour mutwawa MV+EE Mwchins My Dance the Skull MY DEAR KILLER My Own Retard Myrrh Myrtu Mystra Records N.213 Nacht Records Nah Nailbat Tapes Naked On The Vague Nals Goring Napoleon Blownaparte Nataraja Nate Grace Nate Scheible Nathan Ventura National Felt National Park Service Nature Abuse Nature Camp Nava Luvu Nazot Near Earth Neck Hold Needles and Pizza Negative Fun neo-surf Neotomic Records Nerve City New Blockaders New Boss New Camp New Doubt New Fast New Flesh New Mother Nature New Village Tapes New Visions Next of Kin Nicholas Emmert Nicholas Rejack Nick Hoffman nick neuburg Nick Shively Nicky Z Nicola Corti & Moon Ra nicole kidman nigel taylor Night Court Night People Night Piano Night Shade Nightjar Nightshade Nigredo Nihilist Records nikos kyriazopoulos NIPPLE STOOLS Nisei Tapes Nite Lite NNA Tapes NNN Cook No Balls No Basement Is Deep Enough No Fi Recordings No Friends Band no horse shit No Kings NO MORE PANIC No Neck Blues Band No Problema Tapes No Records No Sound Noah Sterba and the Cocktails Noah Wall noise Noise Infection Music Noise Nomads Nomadic Firs Nomen Dubium Nomen Novum Nonhorse NORTH2NORTH Northampton Wools NOSE not not fun Notes+ Bolts Nothing Band Notice Recordings NOXAGT nu-goth Nuclear Dawn Nude Sunrise Null Religion Records NuMeddle Nurse Etiquette Nyss Oak Obfuscated Records Observing The Universe Obsidian Towers Obsolete Units Obstacle Corpse Obviouslies ODD PERSON Oh Home OJC Recordings ok records Old Bicycle Records Old Frontiers Old Hag Old Monster Records old world new wave Oligopolist Records OLIWA omft oms-b ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER OObe Open Mouth Open Range Tapes OPH Sound Ophibre Oracle Offering Oral Obligations Orange Milk Records Orchard Thief Ordinary Machinery orphan fairytale ORRA Oscillating Innards OSR Tapes Other Electricities Otherness Otherwise Dead Records Otro Mundo Oubliette Out of Body Records Out There Dudes Out-of-Body Records Outer Gods Outer Realms Outer Spaces Outside World OVERSCAN Owl Xounds Oxycodone Oxykitten ozono kids Paid In Puke Painted Faces Paisley Estrange Palberta Pale Blue Sky Palilalia PALM HAZE Palm Yard Palo Verde Pan Pan American PANEYE Panicsville Panopticon Eyelids Papermade Records Parade parashi Parsimoneous Recurrence part time cruiser pascal battus Passenger Peru Pastense Pat Maher Patience Patrick Cosmos Paul R. Marcano Pay The Rent pc worship peasant magik Pedalphile Pedestrian Deposit pedro magina PELKTOPIA Pendu Penis Geyser people in general People With Bodies People's Champs Perennial Records perpetual ritual Persistent Midnight PERSONA MERCURE Personal Archives Personnel Records Pet Milk Pete Fosco Pete Swanson PETER BRÖTZMANN Peter Kalyniuk Peter Kris Phage Tapes Phantom Limb Phase Records Phased Out PHILIP RINGLER Phinery Phoenix Phonophobia Physics Physics Engine Records Pikkalma Pilgrim Talk Pillars and Tongues Pillars Of Heaven Pine Smoke Lodge Pinn'd Pistol Pete Pizza Night Tapes Planets Around the Sun Plankton Wat Planted Tapes Plastic Crimewave Sound Pleasence Records Pleasure Curses PLIABLE TONES pluim Plundershop plus tapes Plvs Vltra Pod Blotz POK Polanyi Polish Hex POLST Polyglove popnihil Poppenheimer Poppy Nogood Porteur Portland Bad Dateline Portopia '81 Posmicom Post Life Potions Potlatch I Gather Tapes Power Masters Power Pill Fist Predator Vision Preggy Peggy Pregnant Spore Pretty All Right Pride of Lowell Primitive Hearts Primordial Sounds Prince George Records Principality Prison Art Prison Tatt Privy Seals Problems That Fix Themselves Profligate proof of the shooting Protagonist Music PROUD/FATHER Prurient PSI LAB PSILAB psyche cycles Psychic Blood psychic mule Psychic Reality Psychic Skin Psychodrama Psychomagic Puik Pukers pulse emitter PUMPKINSEED Punched In The Throat Records Pure Horsehair Purpose16 PWR Q///Q Qualchan Quantum Wampum Queen Victoria Quicksails Quiet Evenings Quincy Quartz Quit Quit Thinking R. 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